Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Countdown Begins!

So, this week as I planned I met with Ellen, the woman who was going to connect me with her sewers. Before I got there I was under the impression that she ran a little factory or something, but she actually turned out to be a very skilled pattern maker, as well as a production coordinator/manager, and basically a connection to almost everyone in the Dallas apparel industry. Needless to say, I am beyond excited at all of the opportunities this presents; when the Ruby Charles line gains momentum and clients she can run my production and possibly take over patterns which would free up my time to focus on designing! Ellen is extremely knowledgeable and a total riot. What's even better is that she has introduced me to the woman who is currently producing the majority of my samples (I kept 3 to do myself, mostly because I didn't have them cut yet O_O), and she is beyond skilled! I dropped stuff off to her on Monday afternoon and when I went back Tuesday to drop off some elastic, she had finished 4 samples and handed them over to me to take back to the studio. Her name is Berta, she's fast AND her work is flawless.

A moment of pure bliss looking over my samples.

I spent hours slashing and spreading patterns and the clothes are nice and full, and moving just the way I wanted them to!

Ta-da! The "Beacon" top, I love it!
My photos this week are courtesy of the honorable Marion Marshall, or as I like to call her "The Wizard". She shared in my excitement and snapped some fun shots during my "moment of bliss". It's an amazing feeling to see the results of all the work I've been doing. I'm picking up the rest of the samples on Saturday or maybe even earlier at the rate that Berta is sewing, and then the photo shoot happens on Sunday! I'm pretty excited I've got a great photographer, professional hair and make-up artists, and some awesome volunteers! Oh, and I have a friend who's coming to do behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot so that will be really cool too.The only issue is that I've lost my 2nd model in a row. My first model got a part in a new Quentin Tarantino movie that's filming in Louisiana, and the 2nd is booked. So, I'm in a little bit of a scramble to find someone. I have a couple of prospects so I'm thinking it's going to work out! In the mean time I'm starting to sketch some new stuff, I'm hoping to have a summer capsule in at least 1 to 2 boutiques for the summer!

In The Mean Time: Edith Piaf

I've been listening to Edith Piaf all week, this is one of the only pictures of her I found where she was smiling.

Song of the Week: La foule by Edith Piaf

I'll be posting pictures of the photo shoot soon. In next few days I've got to finish getting my accessories together, as well as shoes,and pulling hair and make-up pictures. Then I've got to get my hang tags and labels ready, and then...tons more. I've also got a great friend who is going to help me with a couple of things for my booth at Swoon. I'm excited!!! Wish me luck!