Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Onward and Upward!

So it's getting closer to the time of my bridal line debut. I'm pretty excited about it, and am working hard to get everything together. I finally have a photo shoot organized with great people which is awesome, now all I need to do is finish the clothes!!! I've been searching for sample makers, and have an option that looks pretty good right now, but I shall continue to investigate. Tomorrow I'm going to get paper, and hopefully a stamp for my hang tags. I still have to make my labels. I found a very cool DIY way to do it on the Fresh Vintage blog, so I'm very happy about that. In the mean time I'm also working on flats, marketing, and all of the other details that need to go into not only this upcoming show, but the building of my brand in general. It's rough, but the pay-off is a-gonna be gooood. I'll be posting pictures from the shoot soon! In the mean time here's my lullaby for the night and what I'm feeling for spring (it's getting warmer everyday!).

Love: A Good Maxi Skirt

Saw this on REFINERY 29 , for me a maxi skirt and/or dress are staples. I've got a few for my Ruby Charles in the works.

Nails: Love Lavender

I'm definitely feeling lavender nails for spring. I grabbed this Essie version a few days ago.

Lullaby: Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight by The Spaniels

I'll keep you updated on my progress, and will be working hard until then. Let's hope and pray that I sell some dresses when this is all over. Buonanotte stelle!