Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All In a Day's...

New Projects: I hear the church bells ringing.

So, in the past week aside from being hard at work on F/W 2012 patterns (I've finished quite a few!), I'm going to be showing a few pieces in an upcoming bridal show. I'm pretty excited about it, doing bridal has been a definite desire, and this show will give me an opportunity to explore that AND hopefully make a couple of pesos while I'm at it. Also, I've started freelancing with Elizabeth Anyaa and have met the crew for the play I'm working on- "Angela's Mixtape". Like I said before, things are looking up. Also, I'm going to be starting a campaign on Kickstarter soon so look out for that too!

Sketchbook and Jasmine Tea: Check!

Reading Materials and Inspiration: Check!

Great Work space and Plenty of Room: Check!

Listening To: Chapel of Love by The Ronettes